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Our Story

It’s a refuge, the perfect place on a cold rainy day, it’s a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and the newspaper. Bed. Hard to leave it some mornings, wonderful to slip into at night and allow the worries of the day to drift off as you slide into slumber, linger for a moment in that sweet spot between here and there, conscious and unconscious. We're big proponents of sleeping well. We're also big proponents of a good night’s sleep not costing you as much as a college education or a family vacation to Switzerland.

With weightless sleep in mind we designed our first mattress in 2007 and sold it to a large mattress chain in Seattle Washington.The response was phenomenal as our mattresses flew off their shelves. Customers were raving and we knew we were on to something big. People were sleeping on the most comfortable mattress they had ever slept on in their lives. But then something tragic happened, the US economy went into the recession of 2008 and some of our customers didn’t survive. We knew we had to change our model. We couldn't rely on other companies to bring our amazing high-quality mattresses to the world. Our new model was to sell our mattresses on-line and highly compressed in a shippable box to consumers directly. It was an overnight success. People all over America were finally able to afford to sleep like a king. Lives were being changed. 


Sleep is essential. A good night's sleep heals, rejuvenates and gets you ready to face whatever the new day hands you. Why should you have to pay so much for something so simple, so necessary? We don’t think that’s fair. You shouldn’t have to lose sleep over the price of trying to get a good sleep. So, we want everyone to be able to drop onto a cloud, close their eyes and have a good night sleep without worrying about going broke getting there. Drop onto our cloud. Sleep they way you were meant to with the best materials that help you sleep better. That’s it, a great, affordable mattress for a perfect night's sleep. That’s what we set out to do and that’s what Perfect Cloud delivers. We hope you’ll drop on our cloud and sleep.